About Us

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Founded in 1990 by Barbara Miron

1990-2007: Classes began in Street Dance and Dance Fitness and the dance team was sponsored by a local Health Club and San Carlos Parks and Recreation Facilities where classes were held.

Community Street Jam Dance Performances began in local events such as Hometown Days, Fourth of July Parade, Festivals, Schools, Parties, as well as many other opportunities.

The original Dance Team had no age barriers, with the primary purpose being to enhance the lives of the participants through positive mentoring to the youth, and Unity as group.  All are welcome!

2007-2013: Community Street Jam Fitness, Dance, and Performance Academy opens on Veterans Blvd.  A 6000ft beautiful facility, where many of the Bay Area’s most talented dancers have started their careers in teaching dance and performing.

There were 12 full on Theater Productions Produced where many dancers had their first performance or choreographer experience alongside seasoned veterans.

CSJ Studios closed the doors August 3, 2013 and merged with the amazing Studio S Broadway who gave many of our dancers and teachers a new home.

Currently Community Street Jam is helping new students find classes that are right for them in all genre’s and styles throughout the Bay Area.

The vision is to provide healthy non competitive dance and fitness experiences and opportunities to kids and adults in our community.

Thank you to all who have helped make this Vision come to Life!

Special thanks and gratitude to my Higher Power, Nancy Cohen, Nancy Raabe,  Nancy Sullivan, Cindee Kibbe, Pepper Von, Gary Kendell, Carmela Woll, Shari Silverstein-McLeod, Ron Vane, and all Alumni who have danced, worked out, and supported Community Street Jam.