Studio S Broadway Dance Faculty



Barbara Miron  is the founder and CEO of Community Street Jam 1990-Present.  Barbara is on staff at City Dance Studios in San Francisco and enjoys driving for Lyft.  Currently she is teaching CSJ style Cardio Funk Dance Fitness at Studio S Broadway.  She is an active member of the Street Dance Community as a Bay Area Locker.

CynthiaCynthia Guzman (Front Desk & Customer Service)
Cynthia has a passion for dance and fitness. She started dancing at the age of five with Ballet folkloric which is a Mexican Dance style. She has an associate’s degree in psychology and an E.C.E. teacher’s assistant certificate and plans to pursue a degree that will allow her to help kids and their families in the community. She also has a long customer service background. Cynthia and her son started at Community Street Jam as dancers. After a few month of dancing at CSJ, Cynthia discovered she had found the perfect setting for her and her son. What has made her so happy is at such a young age she already knows what she wants to do with her life, thanks to the community of wonderful dancers that welcomed her and her son with open arms. As a parent of a dancer and a dancer herself she will be able to identify with many of the questions and concerns parents and new members might have.


MakailaMakaila McLeod is our fantastic kids teacher. Her energy and love for dance is contagious. All the kids adore her. Makaila started dancing at 2 years old and has never stopped. She’s great with Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop. She teaches our “Special Needs” class at the studio and loves her kids. It’s her mission to make sure everyone loves to dance and loves music. Makaila’s first professional show was for the Grand Opening of “Holiday at Stanford” at seven years old. She then toured nationally as a dancer for “Danger Rangers” while opening for the “Wiggles.” Makaila is one of our Can Can dancers performing professional industrials throughout the Bay Area. In our Studio S Broadway Entertainment Company, she is magical when she sings and dances. Makaila is also behind the scenes on every aspect of the Studio business. We are so lucky to have “Mak!”

SamSam McLeod is in charge of many Hip Hop, Tap and Jazz classes. She has won numerous awards and scholarships for her dance abilities. During her 12 years in modeling. She has been featured in Macy’s, Mervyn’s, Nordstroms, and is on the cover of Cranium’s Cadoo box and the Leap Frogs “Mind Wars” cover. She is also the bubble girl in the Nsync video ” This I Promise You” Sam is currently dancing for the new upcoming artist Arielle Paige and is in her new music video “Money Don’t Make a Difference.” Sam has been selected to represent Los Angeles Dance Magic touring the United States. This year she earned the honor of Miss Peninsula Celebration Association of Redwood City.